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“With Mobile Insight, we’re able to knock out daily operational tasks, organize ourselves better and, as a result, be able to spend more time on the floor. It’s electronic checklists make our operations are more efficient and consistent, and across the board, there’s increased revenue by the hour for every location."

Marcelo Bruzzo | MSO/wireless Regional director, T-Mobile Store

“Our use of Mobile Insight has influenced two very important factors in our field operations: 1) we can draw direct correlations between those territory account managers who use the tool to its highest value and those who are high sales achievers in their markets, and 2) we’re able to show very clear trends over time to know how to best adjust the deployment of our team. We wouldn’t be near as productive without it."


“I can see which stores are in compliance with daily procedures, which stores are performing best from a sales standpoint…I can even review pictures by my market managers or task them to follow up…"

Marcelo Bruzzo | MSO/wireless Regional director, T-Mobile Store

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